The latest technology and design in rapid-deploying shelters. The UTS shelter has been accepted by active military units and has passed all performance testing required for military use.

UTS shelters offer an innovative system of deployment that saves time and simplifies training. The soft shelter incorporates a unique external folding-frame design and an internal liner system integrated with the outer fabric. The state-of-the-art frame design and rope and pulley system provide a simple and easy to remember setup procedure -- which means a 5-15 minute setup time for all TM series shelters.

The UTS shelter was designed with maintenance in mind, with no small moving parts to break. No additional power, tools, ladders, or compressors are needed to erect the shelter.

The innovative exterior frame design allows for solar load dissipation and air flow between the outer skin and thermal fly, reducing ECU power consumption during operation by an estimated 26%, per testing by the USAF. To further improve efficiency, the frame also allows for simple integration of solar photovoltaics and other accessories, ensuring power in even the harshest environments.

TM18 Standard
TM36 Standard
TM54 Standard
TM54 Tall
TM60 Standard
TM60 Tall
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Collective Protection

Provides protection and performance without an additional COLPRO liner and can be deployed in a ready state for CBRN threats. MIL-PRF-44103 and ASTM D6413 compliant.

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Ballistic Protection

Durable, lightweight panels provide ballisitc protection to UTS shelters. NIJ 0108.01 (Level IIIA) and NIL-STD-662F compliant.

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