UTS Shelters are designed to accommodate all types of operational support equipment including HVAC / ECUs, power generation, medical, billeting and command and control. UTS shelters come standard with ECU duct connections/plenum distribution and internal 110V power distribution wiring. Please contact us for any additional environmental control, power or shelter accessory requirements.


UTS carries 36-watt ruggedized lighting kits containing 4 lights and a transport case.

General Purpose Light String Part # UT-31-MC-5004-MS


UTS carries a complete line of electrical distribution products to support any operation. Products include: 60 Amp / 100 Amp cabling and power distribution boxes.

Shelter Distribution Box (SDU) — 60 amp Part # UT-610-5001-1499
SDU Pole Mount Part # EPVEND-DT

Complexing / Connecting

UTS offers a complete line of connectors and accessories for complexing shelters, including vehicle connections and boots, awnings and vestibules, and divider walls for interior operational configurations. The accessories below are available in both TM and TM-Tall sizes.

Shelter Divider — TM Part # LINDIVA1WH
Shelter Divider — Tall Part # LINDIVTMTWH
Shelter Partition — TM Part # LINPARTMWH
Shelter Partition — Tall Part # LINPARTMTWH
Awning — TM / Tall Part # AWTMT-DT (tan) / AWTMT-OD (olive)
HMMWV Connector Boot Part # UTBTHMVE-DT

Transport Containers

UTS offers containers for shipping, embark, and storage of the UTS shelter system. All UTS shelters are shipped in wooden shipping crates and can be upgraded to aluminum containers.

Wooden Crate Part # WCRATC-ATC
Aluminum Shipping Container — Short Part # SCSOAL-44-DT
Aluminum Shipping Container — Tall Part # SCSOAL-104-DT


Litter Rack (holds 4 litters) Part # UTLR56DT (tan) / UTLR56OD (olive)
Litter Rack Wheel Kits (Optional)
Hanging Rigid Bar (4 pack, 8 pack) Part # HRB72-4 (4 pack) / HRB72-8 (8 pack)

Our state-of-the-art frame and rope and pulley system help get you set up in 5-15 minutes every time, without power, tools, ladders, or compressors.
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