UTS shelters have been thoroughly tested at the Aberdeen Proving Ground Test Facility against the demanding performance and environmental standards defined by the military, passing or exceeding all requirements.

Snow Load

Snow load testing was conducted in every viable shelter-erected situation, by applying the load onto the shelter over the thermal fly, onto the shelter without the thermal fly, and directly onto the outer fabric under the frame. Our shelters passed each test of 10 lbs/sq ft of snow load for a duration of 12 hours.


UTS shelters have been tested to ensure they can endure 65 mph winds for 30 minute internvals, with two-minute gust events of 90 mph.

Driving Rain

Driving rain tests aim 55 mph winds at shelters while dropping 4 inches of rain per hour, with three gust wind events of 65 mph.

Erect & Strike

UTS shelters have been run through 50 erect/strike cycles in low-light conditions.


Our shelters have been tested to ensure they prevent emission of detectable light from 100 meters with the naked eye, and from 300 meters with night vision equipment.


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