Medical Facilities

The next generation of field hospital shelters, UTS shelters are ideal for scalable medical operations in Level I, II, and III medical roles. As either rear echelon medical facilities or forward surgical suites, our shelters provide a rapid-clean facility for all levels of medical applications. Adopted by the USAF for the EMEDS (Expeditionary Medical Support) capability. Standard in the USAF ATC (Air Transportable Clinic).


UTS single skin technology provides protection for chemical and biological applications. Our CP series system is integrated with all single and multi-personnel entry ways (airlocks), filter fan assemblies for filtration and overpressure, pressure monitoring, airlock timers, and environmental control.Download Brochure

Command & Control

Our shelters provide a bright, environmentally protected space for command and control equipment and conduction of operations, and they are suited for TOC (Tactical Operation Center), COC (Combat Operation Center), and COP (Combat Outpost) use. UTS provides the ability to scale for platoon, company, battalion, regimental, brigade, division, corps, and MEF-level applications.

Basecamps & Billeting

Ultimate protection for short- and long-term deployments, UTS shelters incorporate electrical and HVAC distribution, integrated flooring, and windows to create the best environment for troop welfare. Shelters can be sized to accommodate from platoon to brigade-level billeting and beyond, and they can be deployed on unimproved ground, uneven terrain, improved airfields, and urban terrain.


UTS Shelters are well-suited for processing ambulatory and non-ambulatory patients in an integrated system. Set up processing a TFA (Toxic Free Area) for processing lanes, water and cleaning agent distribution, patient litter handling, water retrieval and containment, and patient ingress and egress. Download Brochure


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