UTS Single Skin design eliminates the need for additional Chem Bio liner increasing the ease of setup and significantly decreasing logistics.

  • Manufactured with BondBarriertm a military specified 44103 fabric utilizing Saint-Gobain Coretech®, a Chem Bio resistant barrier.
  • Chemical permeability live agent 72 hour testing against HD, GB, GD and Vx.
  • Chamber Testing successfully completed including:
    • Over Pressure, Leakage and Complexing.
    • Airlock Purge (3-log reduction in concentration)
    • Static Vapor Challenge Test – Simuland: TMP (Trimethyl Phosphate simulant for Sarin)
    • Static Particulate Challenge Test (SPCT) – Simulant: BG (Bacillus subtilis for Anthrax)


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